Mad About Patches

Welcome to Mad Patches, your one-stop shop for premium quality, handmade PVC patches that exceed expectations and make your logo, design, or emblem stand out.

The Story Behind The Brand

Founded by a team of passionate designers, Mad Patches brings your design into an eye-popping patch emblem. These superior-quality patches are made to reflect your high standards and your even higher ambitions, from airsoft and paintball teams to law enforcement and military branches. We also work closely with apparel and can uplift your wonderful clothing designs as well as make your patch design wishes come true.

The Products

From their headquarters in the UK, the Mad Patches team meticulously creates every single patch by hand and ensures that the colors and design instantly grab everyone's attention. Velcro backing comes as standard, and these weatherproof and battle-tested patches can be 100% tailored to your exact needs. If required, we can also remove the Velcro backing, to provide ease of sewing on your apparel pieces.

The Difference-Maker

Washing machine-safe and easy-to-use, every single Mad Patches emblem comes pre-sawn with a Velcro (hook) and features a spare Velcro (loop) patch the same size as the original one. You can customize any uniform, bag, accessory or t-shirt with your team's insignia 100% fuss-free.

The Mission

Built on the core values of attention to detail, integrity, and commitment to the customer, Mad Patches brings a breath of fresh air into the market with its innovative technology and hands-on approach. Inspired by the iconic British military insignia and fueled by their passion for excellence, Mad Patches' talented team is here to create the perfect patch for your team, business, or squadron.

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